Lab Write-up

When you do a lab activity in class you will have to write-up that activity. The following outline should be followed in all lab write-ups.

1. You must have a cover page with an illustration. This cover should be unlined paper or construction paper. The illustration should have something to do with the activity. On the bottom right hand side of the cover should be your name, the date, and the page number of the activity from the text book. If the activity is not from the text book you should write the name of the lab.

2. The following headings should be on the first page of the lab write-up:

Purpose: The purpose of the lab will be written on the page with the lab.

Hypothesis: This is your educated guess as to what will happen when you do this lab. You should write "My hypothesis is . . . . "

Procedure: This should be about 5-7 sentences. You have to read the activity all the way through first and then put what you need to do to complete the lab in your own words.

Data: This will be the information you gather when you actually do the lab activity. It will be a pictorial representation in the form of a graph, chart or table.

Conclusion: This has 2 parts. The first part will be a reference to your hypothesis. You will write, "My hypothesis was right because . . . " or "My hypothesis was wrong because . . . " The second part will be answers to questions that will come with the activity. They are usually called analysis and conclusion.

You hypothesis, data and conclusion sections are where you should put your major emphasis. This is where most of your grade will come from.

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